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Free In-Home Consultation

Make Your Dream Sunroom project become a reality!

Seattle Patio Covers is your one-stop destination to design and build your dream.


During your Free In-Home Consultation, we will answer any questions you may have about your project, including:

  • Planning - The types of Architecture that will work best with your home, for seamless integration with the lines of your home.
  • Lifestyle Needs - Matching you with the right home addtion for your lifestyle, so you can get the most out of your new investment.
  • Budgetary Requirements - Avoiding pitfalls by selecting the perfect set of materials, glass panels, structure, interior finish, window and door options, ventilation, skywalls or skylights, proper building code, etc.


In this stage, we will go over any provided Product Samples and detailed CAD views of  your new project.


Once our Project Design is approved by you, we will provide you with the engineering requirements specific to your building area, and the complete Plans for the Construction Phase. We will. at this time acquire any necessary Building Permits. 


We have had excellent results with any of the construction scenarios below, the choice is up to you!

 Seattle Patio Covers can:

  1. Complete your entire project construction from Design to Completion.
  2. Collaborate, allowing you to complete any preliminary demolition or construction, and then build out your project.
  3. Provide you with all of the plans and materials, and give you the freedom to build it yourself.

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