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Seattle Patio Covers is an Authorized Lumon Dealer

Lumon Retractable Glass Wall Systems are a modern, unique solution to an age-old problem.

How can we get the most use out of patios, balconies and other outdoor living areas All Year Round?

Use Your Patio or Balcony 365 Days a Year!

Patios and balconies are generally the least used spaces in your home. Especially in the Northwest where the weather can quickly change for the worse. Lumon retractable glass wall systems allow you to continue to enjoy the day regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

Use Lumon Patio Systems All Year Long

With Lumon Retractable Glass Systems, you can swiftly convert your Patio Cover into a dedicated outdoor living space, protecting your patio from the elements, and opening the walls at will, that you can use all year long! As a Lumon Authorized Dealer, Seattle Patio Covers can help you find the best use of Lumon Glass Wall Systems.

About Lumon

Lumon is an international manufacturer that is an innovator in the field of patio covers, and glass wall systems. With headquarters located in Finland and international subsidaries worldwide, Lumon is on the cutting edge of urban condo balcony glass systems, patio glass wall systems and solutions for residential homes. Founded in 1978, now Lumon is a rapidly expanding professional firm with a brand that is recognized globally as a developer of modern and innovative home glass solutions. Lumon sunroom and patio glass systems are exported to over 20 countries.

Seattle Patio Covers Inc is an Authorized Lumon Dealer

Use Your Patio Seating Area 365 Days a Year!

Lumon Glass Systems for Restaurants:

Lumon has pioneered the Retractable Glass Wall system which is the perfect companion for outdoor restaurant patios. Get the most out of your outdoor seating area, and bring the! This system allows you to open and retract all the glass wall panels in warmer months as an open-air patio. When the weather turns, you can easily close all the panels and allow your customers the romantic feel of outdoor dining without the inclement weather.

  • Maximize your customers seating area
  • Make the most of your floor space inside & out
  • Quick return on investment
  • Typical ROI is 2-5 months
  • Versatile solution, transformable spaces

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Use Your Balcony 365 Days a Year!

Lumon Retractable Balcony Glass Systems for Condos & Hotels:

The Lumon Balcony Retractable Glass Wall system is a perfect pair for condo owners and architects looking to maximize living space in urban environments. The modern, sleek look of Lumon Balcony Glass walls allow you to entertain on your patio all year long, while reducing maintenance costs, and keeping the elements at bay. Balcony glass systems by Lumon are available in a 42" fixed height full length glass panel with an integrated bar-height shelf and upper retractable glass panels that let in the breeze, letting the outdoors in on demand. Lumon also has a full height, floor-to-ceiling retractable glass wall option which is perfect for walk out balconies, or when a combination of the two systems is needed. For condo developers, Lumon balcony glass is a premium upsell for new condo units, and can offer significant value to new buyers.

  • Perfect for entertaining and relaxing during all seasons
  • wind and impact resistant, reduces noise by up to 50%
  • Future-proof modern design from Finland
  • Adds excellent value to new condo units

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Use Your Outdoor Space 365 Days a Year!

Lumon Retractable Balcony Glass Systems for Residential Homes:

Any of the Lumon products can be used in residential homes, from second floor balconies, to pre-existing covered patios, or even integrated with a new patio cover system. Lumon has solutions for all types of outdoor living to help you to create the space of your dreams. Retractable glass wall systems are perfect for terraces and patios or to convert a patio cover into a sunroom / solarium. Lumon locking systems are integrated to guard against intruders, and heavy-duty for added security.

  • Use your patio outdoor space all year long, in all seasons
  • Excellent to extend your entertaining space
  • Build the outdoor space of your dreams
  • Significantly increases property value
  • Versatile, modern design with endless options

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Free Design & Engineering Tools Available!

Lumon Retractable Balcony Glass Systems for Architects, Builders & Engineers:

Lumon Balcony Systems are an excellent highlight to your new urban construction project or retrofit renovation of existing condo properties. Lumon balconies offer excellent additional property value, in addition to clean, modern lines and additional living space for condo owners and rental units. Lumon offers extensive services to assist in acquiring proper HOA authorization from your board, and help to secure proper building and zoning permits required.

  • Clean, Modern lines add dramatic flair to any structure
  • Designed and engineered in Finland, manufactured in North America
  • Dramatically increase property value
  • Increase square footage and available living space
  • Assistance to acquire HOA approval and proper zoning permits
  • Reduces maintenance balcony maintenance costs extending longevity
  • Extensive engineering documentation and design tools available

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Lumon Balcony Glass Retractable Glass Walls

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